VRV Systems in Burien, Seattle, Tacoma, WA and Surrounding Areas

Burien, Seattle, Tacoma, WA and Surrounding Areas

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VRV Systems In Burien, WA

VRV Systems

VRV systems are the forefront in home green energy.

Daikin invented and trademarked the VRV technology over 30 years ago. Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and a number of other companies built their own versions and called them VRF. These systems have been used all over the world for ultra efficient commercial applications. Over the last couple years they have evolved to become the most efficient, well built systems available for homes with Ductwork. A year ago Daikin came out with the VRV IV-S. Over half of the new buildings in Seattle are powered by Daikin VRV‘s. It is highly proven successful technology, build to last and work under intense extreme situations. The new VRT technology that makes the VRV IV-S the best in the industry and is why it is the preferred equipment we install.

There is little residential searchable information due to the fact that the equipment is half again as expensive as all other unitary furnace/heat pump combinations. I have chosen to specialize in this wonderful equipment by keeping very tight margins and making sure my installation team is certified highly trained experts.

Green Solutions Heating & Cooling, just won an award for installing the second most of these systems in the Puget Sound. There is no comparison between these systems and any other furnace/heat pump systems on the market, both in efficiency and comfort.

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